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"Tuition for B.E, MBA, MCA for following subjects: M1, M2, M3, Operation Research, Quantitative Techniques, Statistics & Discrete Maths".


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Welcome to Math Training Zone!


This Zone was created two years back to help the students in their math problems. We provide maths coaching to higher secondary school students, all under graduate, MBA and MCA students (Regular and Correspondence). We began with a hand full of students. However to-day we have grown in a big way with many students. With its new feature, online maths tutoring , this math training zone caters to students from all over the world.

Maths Tutoring"Maths Tutoring"

Mathematics is a body of knowledge that goes back thousands of years and has inspired great thinkers throughout history. Today, in every country where education is free, all students study mathematics. For many students mathematics remains a mystery, a topic that they never master. This failure often limits their aspirations, ambitions and achievements. We can help you with your mathematical problems.

"Our Students"

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and find comfort in knowing that the 'fairness denominator' applies to each and every one of them, irrespective of caste, creed, region, nationality, or economic background.

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• Most of our students got centum in Maths in Examinations.
• Every year large number of our students get placements in reputed IT Companies all over the globe.
• Cent percent result in every semester examination .


• We have trained and experienced teachers to impart good education.
• Each student is provided individual chair with writing pad.
• Classes will be taken using the White Board.


• Chewing gum during class hours are strictly prohibited.
• Abusive or harsh language cannot be used inside the Center.
• Do not wait outside the premises after class hours.


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